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Full text of "Copy of a quitclaim deed from Crys F. Baker to Raymond E. Parsons, 1967 August 12"

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8-9-67 IWT:EjL 1-2 





^ mm 

b~ / 7' ^ " QUITCLAIM 

We, HARRIET E, TUTTLE and CYRUS F . BAKER, both of ^Chatham (South), Bam- 
stable County, Massachusetts, both being married, for consideration paid, 


mf^M 8rant * RAY>CND E * PARS ° NS ° f 90 T ° WCr AvCnue ' We ^ uth (South). Norfolk 
' County, Massachusetts 02188, with Quitclaim Covenants, a certain parcel of 
land situate in oaid Chatham (West), Barnstable County aforesaid, bounded 

and described as follows: 

On the NORTHWEST by State Highway Route 28 about two hundred thirty- 

seven (237) feet; 

On the NORTHEAST by land now or formerly of Clayton W. Buck et ux 

about five hundred ninety-five (595) feet; 

On the EAST and 

NORTHEAST by Cranberry bog now or formerly of Rich & Company 
about five hundred ninety (590) feet; 

by land now or formerly of Gertie M. Metters about 
six hundred thirty (630) feet: and 

by land now or formerly of William F. Gilmartin 

et ux about nine hundred ninety-five (995) feet. 

On the SOUTH 

On the WEST 

number ^^;."' 16 *" ^ ViU ° f MerCClla E * Kelle *« Stable Probate 

„. r T ! ,e 8 f'? nt °" h f cin hold a one-half undivided interest in said premises 
through said will f Mercelia E. Kelley and reference is made to the deed 
from Alonzo F Cahoon to Levi Eldridge dated April 14, 1896 and recorded 
with Barnstable County Deeds in Book 371, Page 80. recorded 

n- 1 l,nr We ^? ar0 ! d n TUtt1 ^* husband of grantor Harriet E. Tuttle and M. Elizabeth 

Baker, wife of Cyrus F. Baker, release to the grantee all rights of It 

by the curtesy, dower and homestead and other interests in the gr^ted'Jemises 

/^ay of Qvj£~X 1967 . 
y Cyrus F. Baker 

tJ*. Elizabeth Baker 

Witness our hands and seals this 

Harriet E. Tuttle 

/ V Harold Tattle 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts 
Barnstable, ss. M*^^ 1%y 

Then personally appeared the above-named Harriet E. Tuttle and Cyrus F. 
Baker and acknowledged the foregoing instrument to be their free act and deed, 
before me, 

ho 7^c Notar y Public 

My commission expires : t&l<U^ b. J Iff/ 

' " 1 /